Pillow Talk: Lesbian Stories Between the Covers

Alyson Publications, 1998

Pillow Talk: Lesbian Stories Between the CoversBuy This Book

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Editor Lesléa Newman left no stone butch unturned as she searched high and low for the sexiest stories she could find. Tales of lust, love and latex abound between the covers and elsewhere in stories by Barbara Wilson, Mariana Romo-Carmona, Jess Wells and others.


“Lesléa Newman, who may just be the best editor going, has gathered an astonishing collection of lesbian stories that are as hot as anyone could wish, but are also much more.”

“Discriminating readers will find the stories in Pillow Talk unexpectedly fresh and well written, portraying sex in all its emotional complexity, as well as in every position known to the Western world.”

Table of Contents:

  • “A Friend of a Friend of Dorothy’s” by Roberta Almerez
  • “Family” by Katya Andreevna
  • “Play Ball!” by atara
  • “Daffodils” by Sally Bellerose
  • “Good Girls” by Louise A. Blum
  • “Women’s Rites” by Rhomylly B. Forbes
  • Le Main” by Julie Anne Gibeau
  • “The Carousel” by Mary Diane Hausman
  • “Petal Sweat” by Susan Kan
  • “Fantasy Vacation” by Sara King
  • “Down at Shug’s” by Catherine Lundoff
  • “Come Friday” by Judith MacLean
  • “Shadowboxer” by Mary Marin
  • “Crushed” by Janet Mason
  • “Kolu, Revisited” by Cat McDonald
  • “The Doctor’s Wife” by Nilaja A. Montgomery-Akalu
  • “Showtime” by Lesléa Newman
  • “Disco Nights” by Mariana Romo-Carmona
  • “Shine” by Stephanie Rosenbaum
  • “ISO Grafenberg” by Elisa Ross
  • “Chapter 18” by Anne Seale
  • “Visit to the Seamstress” by Jess Wells
  • “Suit of Leather” by Barbara Wilson