Bedroom Eyes: Stories of Lesbians in the Boudoir

Alyson Publications, 2002

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In the tradition of Pillow Talk: Lesbian Stories Between the Covers, this new volume presents some of the finest stories of love between women being written today. Includes stories by well-known and beloved authors Ruthann Robson and Jane Futcher, as well as stories by emerging writers Dawn Dougherty and Yolanda Wallace.


From the Introduction:

You can look at the world in one of two ways: through your eyes or through your bedroom eyes. Through your eyes, the two old women lying on their backs on an old beach blanket soaking up the sun in Adelina Anthony’s story, “Missed Opportunity,” are lifelong friends. Through your bedroom eyes, the same two women are so in love with each other, the sun is no match for the heat radiating from their sweaty, salty bodies. Through your eyes, the two young women sitting side by side in a classroom with their heads bent over the Bible in Raphael Crown’s “What I Learned in Yeshiva” appear to be studying their lessons. Through your bedroom eyes, you see they are really studying each other. The tattoo artist who perfects her art in Myriam Gurba’s “First Rites,” the police officer who goes cruising in Rosalind Christine Lloyd’s “Cop Out,” and Estella, the downstairs neighbor who knows how to cook in Lana Gail Taylor’s “Heat Vents” will all make your bedroom eyes widen in surprise when you stop and take a good, long look.


  • “Missed Opportunities” —Adelina Anthony
  • “A Very Nice Woman” —Sally Bellerose
  • “Possibilities” —Wendy Caster
  • “What I Learned in Yeshiva” —Raphaela Crown
  • “Want Ad” —Dawn Dougherty
  • “Wild Iris” —Jane Futcher
  • “Heartwood” —Sacchi Green
  • “First Rites” —Myriam Gurba
  • “Mrs. Sullivan Takes Off” —Ilsa Jule
  • “Lock Bend Exodus” —Julie Lieber
  • “Cop Out” —Rosalind Christine Lloyd
  • “Rest Stop” —Dawn Milton
  • “Private Lessons” —Lesléa Newman
  • “Sharp Objects” —Gina Ranalli
  • “The Problem” —Ruthann Robson
  • “Heat Vents” —Lana Gail Taylor
  • “Personal Savior” —Sheila Traviss
  • “The Girl in 8G” —Yolanda Wallace
  • “Yonsei” —Leslie Kimiko Ward
  • “By Any Other Name” —Kristina Wright
  • “Exit 22” —Alaina Zipp

© 2002 Lesléa Newman