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Bookcover Write from the Heart
Ten Speed Press, May 2003

Write from the Heart: Inspiration and Exercises for Women Who Want to Write (originally published in 1993 and formally titled Writing from the Heart) is a book that contains hundreds of writing exercises to get your pen moving. The elements of fiction are broken down into chapters that include, "Place: Where It's At," "Action: What's Happening," "Dialogue: Let's Talk About It," "Characters: Who's Who," and "The Elusive Plot."

What's new about this new edition? There is a brand new section on writing poetry, complete with exercises, examples and recommended reading. The chapter on publishing ("After Words: The Pleasures Of Publishing") has been completely revised and updated, as has the lists of resources for writers, including writers' magazines and journals, books on writing and women's poetry and fiction anthologies.
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SomeBODY To Love: A Guide To Loving The Body You Have, Third Side Press, 1991

A guide for every woman who looks into the mirror and does not respond with sheer joy. Forty writing exercises focusing on body image and eating patterns, plus an anthology of writings on the same subject. Chapter titles include "Love Letter to Yourself," "Dialogue Between Yourself and Food," "Eating Alone," "Sexuality and Body Size," "The Ideal Meal," "A Day Without Obsessing about Food," "Loving the Binger/Loving the Starver."

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