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Bookcover Out of the Closet and Nothing to Wear (Humor)
Alyson Publications, 1997

A fictional comedy starring femme top author Lesléa Newman, her beloved butch, Flash, and other grrls, guys and felines who live, work and play in Lesbian- ville, USA. Nothing is sacred to Lesléa Newman, dubbed the "lesbian Erma Bombeck" of our time, as she uses her pen and wit to chronicle the adventures

of our dynamic dyke duo in such chapters as "A Femme Shops 'til Her Butch Drops", "Have Femme, Will Travel", "The Butch that I Marry", and "Our pocketbooks, Ourselves". Shortlisted for the 1997 Small Press Book Awards (Gay and Lesbian category).

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Little Butch Book (Humor)
New Victoria Publishers, 1998, with illustrations by Yohah Ralph
A collection of sexy, witty, luscious love poems to butches as only femme top author Lesléa Newman could write them. Written in the style of nursery rhymes, titles include "The Alpha-Butch Song," "The Counting Butch Song," "Born Again Butch" and "A Butch for All Seasons." Mother Goose never sounded like this! Beautifully designed in a special hardcover edition, this is the perfect book for that hard-to-buy- for butch, butch wanna-be, butch admirer, or yourself. Bookcover
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